Former Gator Bowl Stadium with Benjamin Moore Paints and Petroleum Bulk Storage Tanks at the top of the image.

Project Manager, Land Restoration, Regulatory Liaison and Negotiations, Remediation Design Activities. Gator Bowl Remediation, City of Jacksonville, Florida:

Our personnel evaluated remedial alternatives, ranging from removal and thermal treatment (on and off-site) of contaminated soils, bioremediation, air sparging, and in-place containment for the Gator Bowl Area Improvements in 1994. This area was historically heavy industrial, including shipbuilding, ship repair, and factories.

Based upon factors such as cost, effectiveness, project duration, regulatory approval, future issues and publicity, and long-term liabilities, recommended removal of contaminated soils that would overlap a proposed road, with the remaining soils contained in place.

We successfully negotiated with the St. Johns River Water Management District and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for the non-traditional remedial options related to metals and petroleum contamination of soil and groundwater. This was one of the first Risk-Based Corrective Actions approved in the State of Florida.

Subsequently, provided turn-key remedial activities including contaminated soil excavation monitoring, pre-burn soil laboratory analysis, soil loading, transportation, and thermal treatment of approximately 10,000 tons of contaminated soils. Also provided design and construction oversight of the hanging slurry wall and cap containment.

A groundwater monitoring network was approved, installed and successfully utilized to provide cost savings to The City of Jacksonville of over $2,500,000 in comparison to a traditional remedial approach for land restoration.