Here’s a quick glance at some of our cornerstone projects that serve as an introduction to the services we provide.



Water Resources Consultant; Wellfield Siting, Design and Construction; Geophysical Well Logging and Interpretation; Aquifer Performance and Water Quality Testing; Heat Exchange Cooling System Project; Lynden Pindling International Airport Improvements, New Providence Island, The Bahamas:  


Borehole Geophysics

Borehole Geophysical Services Consultant; Wastewater Disposal Well Design and Construction; Geophysical Well Logging and Interpretation; Hydrogeological Characterization; Malcolm Park Wastewater Pump Station, Nassau, The Bahamas.


Permitting & Compliance

Permitting & Compliance; NPDES Permit Renewal; Water Use Compliance Evaluation; Evaluation of Water Use Alternatives; PG&E Generating Cedar Bay Cogeneration Plant, Jacksonville, Florida


Environmental Services

Environmental Services; Site Remediation and Assessment; Geophysical Survey; Regulatory Liaison; Florida Machine & Foundry Property, Jacksonville, Florida.


Waste Management

Waste Management; Industrial Facility Design & Permitting, Water Recovery, Inc., Jacksonville, Florida.


Land Restoration

Project Manager, Land Restoration, Regulatory Liaison and Negotiations, Remediation Design Activities. Gator Bowl Remediation, City of Jacksonville, Florida

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