Permitting & Compliance; NPDES Permit Renewal; Water Use Compliance Evaluation; Evaluation of Water Use Alternatives; PG&E Generating Cedar Bay Cogeneration Plant, Jacksonville, Florida:

PG&E operated a 250 megawatt cogeneration power plant in Jacksonville, Florida prior to its closure in 2016. Wellspring Consultants, Inc. provided Permitting & Compliance services at the plant on an ongoing basis.

We prepared NPDES Permit Renewals for Yard Area Runoff and Storage area retention ponds for the facility. The renewals were required every 5 years to maintain the required permits to operate the plant.

Our personnel conducted a review of existing facility water use practices to determine compliance with the facility Site Certification and state regulations and statutes. The facility utilized up to 1.45 million gallons per day of potable water for boiler makeup, service water and potable needs. The plant utilized extensive water recycling as it operates as a zero-discharge facility for cooling tower blowdown and other process wastewater. 

Additionally, we performed an evaluation of water source alternatives for cooling towers and boilers. Our personnel served as client liaison interfacing with SJRWMD, FDEP and City of Jacksonville.

As a result of our services, the facility was able to maintain compliance with stormwater and water supply regulations and avoid any out of compliance conditions.