Environmental Services; Site Remediation and Assessment; Geophysical Survey; Regulatory Liaison; Florida Machine & Foundry Property, Jacksonville, Florida.

Our personnel conducted a site assessment and subsequent remediation for the Florida Machinery & Foundry Property located in Jacksonville, Florida. The property was undeveloped and the current property owners were winding down their operations and selling assets.

Over 400 drums containing paint related wastes were discovered at the site. Many of the drums were partially or totally buried below land surface. It was potentially a very serious situation; the owners could have faced substantial fines by the regulatory agencies.

Displayed to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) that geophysical survey techniques were not appropriate at the site to determine if additional buried drums were present due to the presence of buried foundry slag. Tested groundwater at the site and through the site assessment process showed that impacts to groundwater were minimal.

Successfully negotiated with the FDEP for conditional no further action provided further drums were not discovered.

The property owners were subsequently able to complete a real estate transaction and divestiture of the property. This was a result of. our successful services at the site.

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