Waste Management; Industrial Facility Design & Permitting, Water Recovery, Inc., Jacksonville, Florida.

Water Recovery, Inc. operates a Centralized Waste Treatment (CWT) facility in Jacksonville, Florida. The system receives non-hazardous wastewater from a wide variety of industrial sources and performs treatment prior to discharge to the local public-owned treatment works. WRI processes 150,000 gallons of wastewater a day. The facility also recycles used oil. Their processes include:


  • Free and emulsified oil / water separation
  • Chemical precipitation for metals removal
  • Chemical oxidation of organic compounds
  • Heat treatment and emulsion breaking for used oil recycling
  • Neutralization
  • Sludge dewatering


Our personnel were enlisted to assist them with prudent waste management practices when the current property owners purchased the property. Our services included facility review, re-design and permitting with the required state and local regulatory agencies.

Treatment systems at the plant  include pH adjustment, oil/water separation, dissolved air floatation, batch-type rapid mix, flocculation and sedimentation metals precipitation system, and sludge dewatering and storage. 

The facility has won numerous awards and recognition as an environmentally responsible business. CWT facilities serve a vital need in our communities. They accept wastes from other businesses that otherwise would have to provide their own pretreatment, a burden that would put many out of business.

Please contact us if we can be of assistance with your waste management needs.